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At the moment you can find:

redbulletExcel files that document my photo collection.

redbulletVarious picture galleries (1), (2), (3), (4).

redbulletLinks to other WWW sites that are of interest to wagon enthusiasts.

redbulletA list of books and periodicals for wagon enthusiasts.

redbulletMagazine articles on wagons that I have in my archive. (> 500 kB !!)

redbulletMagazine articles on wagons that I do not have in my archive. (approx. 130 kB !!)

redbulletInformation on ICF wagons (Intercontainer/Interfrigo).

redbulletInformation on DSB goods wagons.

redbulletInformation on CFL goods wagons.

redbulletInformation on classification letter marking of railway wagons.

redbulletDie Güterwagen der Regelbauart (standard wagons) - General arrangement drawings. Deutsche Reichsbahn, 1945.

redbulletGüterwagen-Correspondenz - Editions 1-100 ain PDF format on DVD (German only).

The following files are available for download (latest update 2. 1. 2022):

redbulletGDB.zip Wagons of the DB (Deutsche Bahn AG, formerly Deutsche Bundesbahn)

redbulletPG_DB.zip Private owner wagons, registered with the DB

redbulletIGB.zip International wagons (UIC railways)

redbulletIGP.zip International private owner wagons (UIC-railways)

redbulletAGW.zip American freight cars

redbulletALGEMEIN.zip Everything else that looks like standard gauge wagons

All above files are packed and yield an Excel file and a short introduction into the contents. I can provide copies of my own photographs. However, since I am running this as a hobby and not as a commercial business, my first preference for compensation is in exchange for other wagon photographs, other modes to be agreed upon.

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This presence on the WWW is an experiment to gather more information on the subject of wagons. Therefore, I would be delighted to receive your comments.

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